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okay, to celebrate the fact i broke 200 followers, im holding a giveaway! but because i dont have an extra macbook or tv or ps4 lying around my house, ive decided to give away the only thing i can: hours of my time to make a pretty picture for you!

you see all that diversity up there? well, the winner of this giveaway can request a picture of anything* they want in any of those styles. sounds cool, right? hecka yeah it does!

sound too good to be true? well, dont worry, because it is true! i love you all and want to show my appreciation in some way because you are all lovely people who decided to follow my trainwreck of a blog.

so, onto the rules!


  • this is a gift to my followers, so you must be following me (ill check)
  • if you follow me after i post this, you still have a chance, so dont worry about a thing ok i got you brah
  • NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS (ill check that too)
  • like and reblog this as many times as you want (the winner will be chosen via a random number generator so it increases your chances if you do! also take note that reblogs will count twice as much as likes)
  • deadline is march 21 at 11:00 pm EST!

ill publicly announce the winner and also message them, but if they dont respond within 2 days, ill have to choose someone else. so have your ask box open please!


i will not draw:

  • hardcore porn
  • animals (theyre hard for me to draw ok this isnt some weird prejudice against animals i promise)
  • furries
  • comics

will draw:


so yeah! i think thats about it! if you want to be super duper awesome and win a place forever in my heart, please check out my art blog!

good luck!

giveaway ends at 11 pm tonight!

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disney meme

ten songs [ 10/10 ] 




really smooth there blurr

dont you mock him, youll crush his spirit


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Thank goodness, one of you is alright. 

Who wants kisses? Drop me a symbol!

★: A peck on the cheek.
☮: A peck on your forehead.
✈: A barrage of kisses all over your face.
☢: Several licks on your ear.
♛: One kiss upon your hand.
✖: A hickey on your neck.
♥: A kiss on your lips.
☠: My fist to your kisser.

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Good Cop / Bad Cop.


Good Cop / Bad Cop.

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I was amused listening to Cara mia Addio, Portal 2’s last track, sung by the turrets as a Farewell song.

Cara bel, cara mia bella!Mia bambina, oh ciel!Che ella stima!
Che ella stima!O cara mia, addio!

La mia bambina cara…perché non passi lontana?Sì, lontana da Scienza!Cara, cara mia bambina…Ah, mia ben!Ah, mia cara!Ah, mia cara!Ah, mia bambina!Oh cara, cara a mi…

Now, being Italian I could perfectly understand the lyrics, which basically sum up in, "Farewell my dear child, why don’t you stay away from Science?"

This song gives a whole new meaning to the theory
***SPOILER*** in which Glados, who has Caroline’s core and essence, is supposed to be Chell’s mother.